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The Benefits of an Anti Inflammatory Diet

anti infammatory diet, weight loss anti inflammation, anti-inflammatory dietA new way of anti-inflammatory eating went mainstream several years back after Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed a book called “Clean” by Dr. Jung.

Inflammation in the body is strongly linked to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, weight gain amongst a slew of other health issues. Before the book was released Dr Jung’s program was considered a “Hollywood secret” and celebrities would pay thousands of dollars to be on a monitored plan, so it’s kind of cool that now the general public can benefit from this new research without the crazy price tag.

The concept is that you eliminate inflammatory food from your diet and replace them with ph. neutral or anti-inflammatory foods. His diet is mainly a cleanse (if you don’t want to make all his smoothies and recipes you can actually buy it already made but it’s fairly expensive)  after you adopt the principals and follow them for life.

If you are someone trying to conquer a sugar addiction, lose a few pounds or just looking to detox for your overall health I highly recommend this program. I’ve included a link to his free manual but outlined the rules below:


(You might be surprised by some of the fruits and veggies eliminated but if you read the book he goes greater into the reasons why they are banned during the cleanse, its 3 weeks long)



Processed sugar


Coffee, soda, alcohol

Beef, pork


Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes (nightshade vegetables)

Bananas, strawberries, oranges, and grapes


Whole vegetables

Brown rice and non-gluten grains


Beans, lentils

Wild fish, organic turkey and chicken

Avocado, coconut

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