simple food swaps for weight loss

Simple Food Swaps for Easy Weight Loss

Simple Swaps to lose weight and get healthy

By making some simple substitutions in your diet you can easily cut calories and saturated fat and not only will you feel better you might also lose a couple pounds too.

Instead of Mayo:

Try avocado for sandwiches and burgers, and for dips you can use plain yogurt. The higher the fat content the thicker in consistency.

Instead of Butter:

In baking you can easily substitute some applesauce for your butter, it’ll keep your baking moist, add fiber and also sweeten it a bit too.

Instead of Sugar:

Try cinnamon in your coffee, I made this swap last year, it took about a week to get used to, but I haven’t gone back since!

Instead of Ground Beef:

Try walnuts, I know this one sounds weird but I use them all the time in lasagnas and casseroles, put them in a food processor to chop them up a bit first.

Instead of Cottage Cheese:

Use cashews, I swear in a lasagna or casserole no one will know the difference!

Instead of White Sugar:

Try coconut sugar, it tastes very similar to brown sugar and has a slightly rougher texture (you can buy a big bag at Costco for really cheap)

Instead of Buns/ Tortilla Wraps:

Try iceberg lettuce, they are really firm so you can place food in them easily without them breaking, plus its really refreshing especially in the summer.

Instead of Sugary Drinks:

Try fruit infused water, just cut up your favourite fruits and put them in a pitcher with filtered water in the fridge, after a couple hours it will be good to go!

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