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5 guidelines you need to follow when trying to lose weight

 Don’t drink your calories but do drinks lots of water

People have been saying this for years but its actually true, drink only water or unsweetened coffee/ tea. If you can’t do this because waters “boring” then that’s a big red flag right there, it shows how truly addicted you are to sugar. Eliminate sugar drinks for a couple weeks and you won’t ever go back.

Sometimes drink plain coffee/tea instead of eating.

If your trying to lose weight then you need to reduce your calories it’s a sad fact of life, but drinking something hot takes time and keeps you occupied during a craving, plus the caffeine will mildly increase your metabolism.

Lay off the Carbs

Tried, tested and true reducing carbs will reduce your waistline; basically carbs convert to sugar in the body which signals the release of insulin, insulin is what signals your body to store energy as fat.

Strength Train

Building muscle is a more effective way to torch fat then doing cardiovascular training (cardio) you burn more calories during the actual activity plus you burn more calories immediately after training then you continue to burn more calories all the time because muscle takes more calories to maintain then fat.

Don’t hang out with people who eat badly when you are trying to eat well

Men are the worst culprits, you’re on track eating your tofu and steamed broccoli and “surprise! I brought home Dairy Queen” It’s like this, misery loves company or nobody wants to pig out by themselves so they try to drag you down with them. Unfortunately it’s harder to divorce but at least try to avoid going for dinner or to the movies with bad eating friends/partners when you’re on a diet.


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