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Detox Water

detox waterDetox &

Debloat with this Drink

So after a long weekend of….”overindulging” I was feeling a little puffy and sluggish, so I whipped up what I call my “detox water.” This recipe will help you help you clean out your system, rehydrate and shed a bit of water weight.


½ orange cut up

½ cucumber cut up

½ lemon cut up

Ginger tea (you can buy this, or make your own by letting a 1 inch chunk of shredded ginger steep in 2 cups of boiling water.)

Peppermint tea

2-liter pitcher

1. First make sure you wash your veggies and fruit well, since the rind will be soaking in the water you don’t want any left over pesticides.

2. Cut up the fruit and squeeze the juice into the pitcher, then add the cut up fruit to the pitcher. (You don’t need to squeeze the cucumber!)

3. Boil water and steep you teas for about 5 minutes, then add to your pitcher, fill up the rest of the pitcher with filtered water.

For 5 days (or really as long as you like, but I think 5 days gets the job done) drink an entire pitcher per day. You can combine this drink with a cleanse or just add it to your regular diet.



Lemon- Helps flush out toxins, balances and maintains the body’s PH levels, contains pectin fiber which is beneficial for colon health.

Ginger- Aids in digestion, and improves the absorption of nutrients into the body.

Oranges- Supports proper kidney function.

Cucumbers- Contain a good amount of vitamin B, which helps boost energy and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

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