how to make a good smoothie, smoothie recipes

4 Rules for Making the BEST Smoothies!!

how to make a good smoothie, smoothie recipes

Lets be honest making a smoothie isn’t exactly brain science, however there is a certain art to it- use the tips below and make the most out of your “frozen meal.”

-In the summer I use coconut milk because it’s supposed to have a “cooling” effect on the body, in the winter I use almond. My advice would be to use whatever you think tastes better, the coconut is definitely creamier and the almond has a more neutral watery taste.

-You don’t need the extra protein powder, I think if you are trying to go a longer period of time before your next meal protein powder is good because it’ll keep you satiated longer but it also adds 100 plus calories and if you include a natural protein source such as greek yogurt or nut butter you’ll be fine. However~ if you strength train you might want the extra protein & calories so do include the powder

-Purchase a high quality protein, there is tons of cheap crap out there that’s full of chemicals and fillers, find a reputable supplement store and talk to them about your choices.  I use Vega it was developed by a vegan Olympic athlete and it’s the cleanest formula I’ve found. Dr Oz recommends rice protein powder, but I find it really gritty again up to you, it’s a personal choice and there’s lots of different opinions out there.

-Because smoothies tend to have fruit in them they do contain a moderate amount of sugar, thankfully the high fiber content decreases the spike in insulin that usually occurs when the body ingests sugar but still it’s better to have your smoothie in the morning so that your all revved up for the rest of the day, then at dinner eat your protein and veggies in order to keep insulin levels low before bed.





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