Eating Philosophy

Many will argue their diet plan as superior, and quite frankly most diets do work, so really you can choose any of them and as long as you stick to it you will most likely lose weight. But here’s the thing, there is no one set way for every person on the planet to eat. Since the beginning of humanity people have survived on a variety of different diets- Inuit have been consuming mainly seal blubber and fish for thousands of years and yet native islanders lived on mostly tropical fruit. Until the invention of  processed food there wasn’t a problem.

We believe in eating “Clean” what does that mean? Glad you asked.

  • Avoiding most processed foods, generally speaking anything that’s packaged or contains additives
  • Eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, raw and cooked
  • In moderation consuming whole grains, legumes and nuts
  • Eating a diet low in animal products where 80%-90% of calories come from a plant source
  • Limiting refined sugars, wheat, alcohol and dairy

Exercise Philosophy

  • In any way shape or form do some sort of physical activity every day
  • Strength train for 30 minutes 3 times per week
  • Increase your heart rate with cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes 3 times per week
  • When the weathers nice opt for outdoor exercise, go for a scenic walk or hike or even do drills at your local park
  • Go at your own pace and develop your own goals
  • Find activities that are social and give you enjoyment

Benefits of Eating Clean and Daily Exercise

Once you cut the toxins and processed junk out of your life your body will go back to its natural state, that means:

1. Your hormones will regulate so that you only want to eat when your body actually requires food and once your full it won’t be difficult to stop eating.

2. Your sensitivity to sugar will dramatically increase to the point where consuming refined sugar completely unappealing

3. You will fall asleep quickly and have a deeper rest

4. Your weight will settle to its natural set point

5. Inflammation, redness and puffiness in your skin will calm

6. Your digestion will regulate and bowel movements will become regular

7. Your energy will skyrocket

8. Aches and pains will diminish

Once you begin to follow a natural human diet (i.e. real food) you won’t want to go back to eating processed crap, its just getting over that hump, generally the first 3 weeks are the absolute hardest, soon after it becomes your nature. I know I’m making a lot of claims here and they won’t all happen overnight, however it’s my personal guarantee that if you eliminate processed food and make a point to exercise everyday you can and will claim your god given right to good health.