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Losing it After Baby

Losing it After Baby At this point in my life a lot of my friends are starting families, and after pregnancy for some women may be the first time they have ever had to lose a significant amount of weight.  I was definitely in this boat, I had lost a couple pounds here and there [...]


How Artificial Sweeteners will make you Fat

Artificial Sweeteners & Weight Gain Recently Aspartame has changed their name to “AminoSweet”.  This is probably because awareness about the dangers of artificial sweeteners amongst the general public is increasing.  Still even with all the studies and information out there many people are still consuming this junk.  If you are trying to lose weight by [...]


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Health Benefits of a Colonic

Colonics, what are they and should you get one? In case you are unaware… a colonic is the processes of cleansing the colon in order to improve your body’s overall health and wellness. When your basic digestive function is impaired, every system of your body is affected, including your skin, your hair, your brain and [...]

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