tips for taking vitamins

How to take a vitamin and actually absorb it

tips for taking vitamins

Get your vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet…If you can. When you eat an orange your not just getting the vitamin C, it actually has over 28 different elements plus fibre and water that all work together perfectly in order to be absorbed and beneficial to your body.  Its impossible to isolate a single vitamin or nutrient and think it will work the same way as real food does.

However – almost all doctors recommend taking a multi vitamin because almost all people don’t eat a properly balanced diet.  People who take a multi hope that it will act as a nutritional insurance policy, but there has been some debate as to whether or not vitamins are even absorbed by the body.  I’ve always taken supplements off and on but lately I’ve wondered if they are really doing anything or am I just wasting my money? I decided to do a bit of research and here’s what I learned:

- Many one a day multis are tightly packed into a capsule so that they can be easily swallowed but the problem with this is that they then cannot be broken down by your stomach, X-Ray technicians often see these pills far from the stomach.

1. Crush your vitamins, or take them in liquid form for better absorption.

2. Avoid taking your multi with milk as it blocks the absorption of iron.

3. Taking them with OJ actually increases your absorption thanks to the vitamin C.

4. Water-soluble vitamins such as B and C are more easily absorbed, but most vitamins are fat soluble, so taking them with dietary fat will enhance absorption, try to take your vitamins with meals, or a tsp. of good oil.

5. Many brands contain unnecessary additives, fillers, sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colors.

Research your brands CAREFULLY.

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