5 Best Poses for a Strong Core

strong core5 Yoga Poses for a Ripped Core


A yoga plank is like a regular fitness plank except the arms are fully extended rather then bending at the elbows.

1.Begin on all 4’s with your hands shoulder width apart and fingers.

2. Then step back one leg at a time so that you’re on your tiptoes, lift your hips so that they are level with your torso.

3.Pull your belly in tight, push the back of your thighs toward the ceiling and look forward.

Be careful not to let your hips come up to high or droop down to low, you want to keep the power in the core.

If your advanced lift one leg off the ground, hold for 30 seconds then switch. Do 2 planks both a total of about a minute long.

 Side Plank

  1. Begin in regular plank
  2. Lift your left hand off of the ground and lift it towards the sky, palm faces away from you, open your body towards the left side of the room so your feet are stacked.
  3. If you’re a beginner drop the bottom knee to the ground.


If your more advanced you can play around with this pose, try lifting the top leg off of the bottom, if you want to get really crazy you can even bend the top knee grasping for the top of the foot with the left hand. Hold for up to 10 breathes and complete 2 sets.


1.Begin by sitting on your sit bones with your knees bent in front of you

2. Open your chest and lift your chin.

3. Now bring your hand lightly behind your thighs and begin to lift the feet off of the ground.

4.While keeping the shoulders down and chest open slowly bring some of the bend out of the knees.

More advanced bring the hands away from the thighs and lift them towards the ceiling at a 45 degree angle (so biceps in line with ears) also try to straighten the legs as much as you can and keep the toes flexed. Do 2 sets working your way up to 10 breaths a set.

Balancing Cat & Cow

1.Beginning on all 4’s check that the knees are hip width apart and hands are shoulder width apart, look forward.

2. Begin by lifting one hand off your mat, your arm should be level with your ear and palm is open as if you were shaking someone’s hand.

3.Once your steady lift the opposite foot off the ground and bring it up so its level with the rest of your torso.

4. Dial the foot down so that it’s flexed.

Keep looking forward and keep your breath even, hold for 5-10 breaths then switch sides, try for 2 sets.


Headstands get into the really deep muscles of your core, you can start off practicing this pose with a wall until you get the hang of it

  1. Start on your knees and come down onto your elbows.
  2. Interlace your fingers creating a hammock, place the top of your head in your hands.
  3. Then lift your hips and straighten out your knees.
  4. Walk your feet in as close to your body as you can.
  5. Start to slowly lift one leg off of the ground.

If your just learning handstand go up against a wall, once both legs are up and against the wall you can practice lifting them away.

Hold for as long as you can!