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4 Best Detox Water Recipes for Summer

skinnywonder1. Skinny Wonder Detox Water

by Budget Savy Diva

Green Apple Sliced

Cucumber Sliced

Fresh Filtered Water

Fresh Mint

Fresh sliced Lemon

detox water



Strawberries sliced

Cucumber sliced

Limes sliced

Chopped mint

jillian michaels detox water

3. Jillian Michaels Detox Water

1 litre distilled water

1 Tbsp cranberry juice (only cranberry juice not the juice cocktail!)

1 organic dandelion root teabag

2 Tbsp lemon juice

detox water recipe 4. Flat Belly Watermelon Detox Water

by Budget Savy Diva

Half of a medium sized FROZEN watermelon chopped

1 litre water

Chopped mint to taste

Raspberry Mojito

raspberry mojito recipe, rum, mojito recipe

Mojitos are soooo refreshing and the best way to do rum. In this recipe I use raspberries but you can use whatever fruit you desire.

1 shot rum

1-cup sparkling water

1 lime wedge, squeezed

muddled raspberries


Mix all the ingredients in a martini shaker and pour over ice…or make a big pitcher and enjoy with friends all evening long ;)