How Artificial Sweeteners will make you Fat

artificialsweetnersArtificial Sweeteners & Weight Gain

Recently Aspartame has changed their name to “AminoSweet”.  This is probably because awareness about the dangers of artificial sweeteners amongst the general public is increasing.  Still even with all the studies and information out there many people are still consuming this junk.  If you are trying to lose weight by cutting out sugar and adding in the fake stuff you might want to think twice because most likely this strategy will backfire.

New Research has Repeatedly shown that artificial sweeteners:

Stimulate your appetite

Increase cravings for carbohydrates

Stimulate fat storage and weight gain!

And there have been more reports to the FDA for aspartame reactions than all other food additives COMBINED.

Migraines are the most reported side effect, but here are some other common ones:

Mood swings

Changes in vision

Sleep problems


Memory loss

Nausea and vomiting


Convulsions and seizures

Abdominals cramps & pain




Joint pain

Aspartame has also been strongly linked to depression and brain cancer.

Doesn’t sound too appetizing now! If your serious about cutting sugar real and fake from your diet there are other alternatives like Stevia for example. The problem is its a lot more expensive for food companies so they don’t use it, so you would have to use it in your own food prep. Also the more you cut down your sugar the more sensitive you become to it, and your cravings will dramatically drop with time.

Top 5 Worst Food Offenders of Summer (and how to clean them up!)

Summers worst offenders,  I’ll show you how to clean them up.

1. Cold Salads

Cold Salads are always great, especially in the summer since they’re so portable. Unfortunately the dressings are a health disaster usually packed with mayo, sugar and bad oils. Here’s a simple creamy dressing recipe that works on anything from potato to broccoli salad.

¼ cup plain greek yogurt

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. honey

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

Mix all the ingredients into a re-sealable container and shake hard for 30 seconds, it should last for at least a week in the fridge.

2. Fix up that burger:

  • Replace the white buns with whole grain (remember the label should say whole grain not whole wheat) Squirrely makes really awesome sprouted grain buns, usually you can find them at Costco.
  •  Forget the cheese and add some healthy fats like mashed avocados.
  •  Add Veggies, the more veggies on your burger the better- they’re high in water, fibre, and of course vitamins and minerals.
  •  Buy grass fed beef burgers, they are waaaaaay higher in vitamins and contain omega 3 fatty acids (the good kind of fat)

3. Smoothies

I love a smoothie as a meal replacement but it’s easy to go wrong here, especially if you’re purchasing one from a restaurant. You want to avoid any added juice, the sweetness should come only from your frozen fruit. Also stay away from added yogurt, (unless your making it at home, then go with unsweetened plain).

4. Wine Coolers

Stay away from coolers! They are basically alcohol infused pop. Drink your liquor with plain or soda water, doctor it up with cut up fruit and/or lemons. Drinking water with your alcohol will leave you refreshed and hydrated, extra important in the summer!!