Learn to do a Handstand- 3 mods to build up strength

I’ve been practicing headstands for a while now but have yet to master a handstand. Handstands are amazing at building strength throughout the entire body but more specifically they really work the core, shoulders, arms and chest. The good news is you don’t need to be able to actually do a handstand before you start seeing some increases in your strength simply by training for them. Here’s a link to the best video I’ve seen on how to do an actual handstand, it’s by Eionn Finn who is a world renowned yoga teacher, he really gets into the alignment which will make this pose very safe to practice, here are a couple good exercises topractice in the meantime to help get you there.

WATCH TUTORIAL HERE Eionn Finn How to Do a Handstand

1. Hand Stand Against the Wall

Start with your palms shoulder width apart and climb your feet up the wall, stop once your body makes a 90 degree angle from there practice lifting one leg off the wall at a time  hold for 30-60 seconds per side. handstand against a wall

2. Against the wall shoulder taps.

So in this exercise your going to want to come into a handstand but use the wall for support. Then alternate each hand taping the opposite shoulder, when you place the hand back down try to do it as quietly as possible (you’ll see in this video I’m not very good at that!)  Click here to open video

3. Pikes

You can do a pike with either a TRX or using a swiss ball like in the video below. This exercise is  an advancement from a regular plank so before you try make sure you can already hold a regular plank for at least a minute.

20 Minute Booty Burn

5 Exercises, 3 mins each, 5 days per week

Do as many reps as you can in good form!

Start by using 10lb weights but in time work your way up, for example week 1- 10lbs, week 2-15lbs, week 3- 20lbs. The heavier the weight the more you’ll build the size of the muscle, but if you over do it you’ll just end up injured, so respect your body and where it’s at today!

 Kettle Bell Swing

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle, holding your weight/kettlebell hinge at the hips, keep your back flat and your gaze forward, lift the weight over your head then come back down.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes straight, keep the shoulders drawn down and the chest open. Sit back like your in a chair then lift back up.


Begin in a regular standing position then take a big step forward bringing your knee directly over top of your ankle, your back knee comes an inch off the ground. Step the back foot forward in your next step and repeat.

 Leg Lifts

Laying on your side bend the top leg over the bottom extended leg, place a weight on the lower leg and pulse, change sides after a minute and a half.

 Dead Lifts

Begin with feet hip width apart and a 20 to 40 pound barbell on the floor in front of you. Hinge at the hips and lift the barbell from the middle of the shins up to the middle of thighs, repeat.

Try to move from exercise to exercise swiftly, however pause if you need to- over time as you gain strength you’ll need to pause less often.

Strength over Cardio. Heres Why!

Strength over Cardio?

In this post I wanted to outline some of the benefits of strength training, I know many women think its only for men and would rather run on the treadmill endlessly but then they wonder why they aren’t seeing the results when it comes to weigh loss.

If you want to feel strong, powerful and look toned you need to incorporate some type of strength training routine, it doesn’t need to be difficult and you don’t need to lift heavy weights, in fact some of the most intense workouts don’t require any equipment at all. If you’re new to strength training just start with something easy like beginners class, you’ll be surprised by how quickly your body adapts.

Benefits of a Regular Strength Training

  •  Afterwards the body experiences a metabolic spike for a couple hours, so you continue to burn calories long after your workout ends.
  •  For every extra pound of muscle you build your body will burn an extra 40 calories over the course of the day…from doing nothing. If you gain 3lbs of muscle over the course of the year you will loose 10lbs!
  •  Studies have demonstrated that strength training twice a week prevents you from gaining intra abdominal fat, that’s the kind that wraps around your organs and constricts blood vessels.
  •  Strengthening muscles can benefit a cardiovascular routine, running in particular can be hard on your muscles and joints so strengthening the core and hip stabilizing muscles can help to prevent injuries.

Take Away- Strength training doesn’t only help you loose unwanted pounds more quickly then cardio it all improves your overall fitness level much more effectively.