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7 Habits of Effortlessly Slim People

We all have that token slim friend who doesn’t work-out or worry about what they eat, yet somehow they never seem to gain a pound. Well I’ve done some research into this elusive species of human beings and here is what I found. 1.) They don’t count calories  Naturally thin people tend to eat when [...]

My Weight Loss Coach

My Weight Loss Coach is a personalized program including meal planning, custom work-outs and tools for long term weight loss success.  Maintaining a healthy body is a lifestyle, not a diet! With our program and the support of your coach you will discover: VIEW THE DIFFERENT PLANS! √  A fitness and eating plan that is unique [...]

The Last 10 and Tone Bikini Bootcamp

  In our 28 day LOSE 10 & TONE BIKINI BOOTCAMP sculpt sexy long, lean and toned muscles with our intense work-out regimen, learn to cook with our easy recipes built for advanced fat burning and get the most cutting edge new tools for ADVANCED and RAPID WEIGHT LOSS! The Last 10 and Tone Plan was specifically created for [...]

Holiday Feast Damage Control

Use these tips to keep your weight in check during those big holiday dinners and throughout the holiday season. 1. Eat a healthy lunch and breakfast. Don’t try to save all your calories for dinner or else you’re more likely to binge, make sure your first 2 meals include lots of fibre, and protein, you’ll be [...]

The Perfect Granola Recipe

I have vowed to never buy granola again, and neither should you- why when you can make the best stuff right at home? The beauty of homemade granola is that you can put exactly what you want into it and use better ingredients for the same cost or less then buying pre-made stuff. Store in [...]