My Weight Loss Coach

My Weight Loss Coach is a personalized program including meal planning, custom work-outs and tools for long term weight loss success.  Maintaining a healthy body is a lifestyle, not a diet! With our program and the support of your coach you will discover:


√  A fitness and eating plan that is unique to you

√  24/7 access to your own members only portal area

√  At home or at the gym options for workouts

√  Unlimited email support

√  Live Chats and/or Skype sessions with your coach*

√  How To videos for all of your exercises and most recipes

√  Gym ready work out cards you can view on your phone, tablet or print off

√  Your own unique nutritional guidelines for maximum and efficient weight loss

√  A wide variety of exercises, including yoga, pilates, weight training, cardio endurance training, HIIT, plyometrics and more!

√  How to eat consciously and release the emotion and guilt surrounding food

√  How to utilize specific weight-loss protocols for quicker fat loss

√  How to avoid plateaus with weight loss tips, tricks and tools

√  Healthy habits that you can use to maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life!

√  New and simple ways to cook using whole fresh foods

√  How to grocery shop and where to affordably source your food

√  How to Eliminate bloating, gas and stomach issues by learning about your digestive health

√  How to reduce cravings, break bad habits and break food addictions