7 Habits of Effortlessly Slim People

We all have that token slim friend who doesn’t work-out or worry about what they eat, yet somehow they never seem to gain a pound. Well I’ve done some research into this elusive species of human beings and here is what I found.

1.) They don’t count calories 

Naturally thin people tend to eat when they’re hungry and don’t obsess about food. In the beginning of any weight loss journey tracking your calories and nutrition is a good idea, it gives you a chance to evaluate your diet but after a month or so you should have a good idea nutritionally what’s  what.

 2.) They don’t eat processed foods

 I’ve noticed when talking to people about what they ate growing up that those who were raised on whole foods tend to have carried those habits forward and have maintained a healthy weight through childhood into adulthood. While you can’t change the past going forward it’s always best to choose fresh foods when possible.

 3.) They don’t sit for hours on end

 Just because you have an office job doesn’t mean your destined to sit down at a desk all day. You can use a standing desk, take walks during phone calls or even have walking meetings. Another option is to go for a short 5 minute walks every hour- or even do a set of lunges or squats, anything that will activate those muscles.

 4.) They have fit friends or partners

 Being active is a lot more fun if you’ve got a buddy! Plan your social activities around fitness. I always look forward to a workout when I know I have a friend to meet, it keeps you accountable but more importantly it’s fun.  I go with my cousin, we plan mini challenges and afterwards if time permits meet up for coffee or a drink.

 5.) It’s a lifestyle not a diet

 Even if they never had to worry about their weight again they still would choose healthy foods. You have to give yourself enough time to actually adapt to a different style of eating and living. Make small changes over time, overhauling your life at once generally leads to very short-term success and long term failure. Several years ago I decided to cut sugar from my coffee, at first it sucked- it took the pleasure out of drinking coffee. I stuck with it and after about a month it became my new normal, now I sincerely dislike the taste of coffee with sugar in it. Changes are uncomfortable at first, but sooner then you realize they will become your preference.

 6.) They indulge in moderation

 Most people who are thin still indulge frequently in treats. It’s all about moderation, I like wine so I choose that over dessert at night, and I love chocolate but I only buy a small amount of really high quality chocolate from a specialty shop. Follow the 80/20 rule and it’s hard to go wrong, 80% of the time eat clean and indulge 20% of the time.

 7.) They don’t keep junk food in their house!

 If you’re going to indulge do it when you’re out, i.e. an icecream cone from an icecream shop, fries or dessert from a restaurant, chocolate from the chocolate store. Who can resist treats in their house, NO ONE!

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