Holiday Feast Damage Control

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Use these tips to keep your weight in check during those big holiday dinners and throughout the holiday season.

1. Eat a healthy lunch and breakfast. Don’t try to save all your calories for dinner or else you’re more likely to binge, make sure your first 2 meals include lots of fibre, and protein, you’ll be more satiated and in control when its time for the big dinner.

2. Before dinner put out a tray of veggies with your other appetizers, people tend to take in less calories overall if they eat 1-2 servings of vegetables before there main meal.

3. If your cooking try to avoid using tons of butter in the sides, replace with low sodium broths or greek yogurt.

4. Now that you’ve taken the effort to make your veggies healthier, make sure they are the main focus on your plate!

5. Watch the booze! Choose dry wines or add berries to soda water with your liquor of choice over syrupy cocktails and beer.

6. Take the focus off of the crap… If your hosting a party make sure your holiday cookies are made with healthier ingredients, i.e. coconut oil instead of butter, oat flour over wheat or natural sugars like honey or 100% maple syrup over white processed sugar.

7. Work Out! The gyms die down in December because people think they can take a hiatus from their health and just pick back up in January, but instead of struggling to lose weight in the new year it’s way easier to moderately work out during the holidays to compensate for the extra turkey and gravy.