Learn to do a Handstand- 3 mods to build up strength

I’ve been practicing headstands for a while now but have yet to master a handstand. Handstands are amazing at building strength throughout the entire body but more specifically they really work the core, shoulders, arms and chest. The good news is you don’t need to be able to actually do a handstand before you start seeing some increases in your strength simply by training for them. Here’s a link to the best video I’ve seen on how to do an actual handstand, it’s by Eionn Finn who is a world renowned yoga teacher, he really gets into the alignment which will make this pose very safe to practice, here are a couple good exercises topractice in the meantime to help get you there.

Eionn Finn How to Do a Handstand

1. Hand Stand Against the Wall

Start with your palms shoulder width apart and climb your feet up the wall, stop once your body makes a 90 degree angle from there practice lifting one leg off the wall at a time  hold for 30-60 seconds per side. handstand against a wall

2. Against the wall shoulder taps.

So in this exercise your going to want to come into a handstand but use the wall for support. Then alternate each hand taping the opposite shoulder, when you place the hand back down try to do it as quietly as possible (you’ll see in this video I’m not very good at that!)  Click here to open video

3. Pikes

You can do a pike with either a TRX or using a swiss ball like in the video below. This exercise is  an advancement from a regular plank so before you try make sure you can already hold a regular plank for at least a minute.

Raspberry Lime Coconut Creamsicles

raspberry creamsicle recipe

Raspberry Lime Coconut Creamsicles

1 can full fat coconut milk

1 cups raspberries

2 tbsp honey

1 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup organic limeade (I use Santa Cruz because it’s easy to find)

1. Puree your berries with limeade and set aside

2. Puree your coconut milk (usually the hard cream and water separate so this just turns it back into milk, then whisk in the honey and vanilla. Taste to make sure it’s a good sweetness for you

3. In creamsicle trays layer the cream with the strawberries and then use a fork to swirl it around a bit so they mix

4. Freeze for about 4 hours


Greek Salad with Heirloom Rice

I love greek salad and with all of the heat the last thing anyone wants to do is cook, I decided to make this version that includes some rice for protein and iron. Heirloom rice comes in lots of varieties (the kind I used is red rice from Level Ground Trading) it is extremely nutritious and adds some nice variety to your diet aside from the typical brown/white. Rice is a crop that has been greatly affected by the movement toward monoculture, purchasing heirloom varieties helps to support indigenous communities and maintain seed varieties. greek salad dressing Dressing 1/4 cup lime juice 1/4 cup olive oil 1 heaping tbsp honey greek seasoning Salad 1 chopped cucumber 2 chopped pepppers feta cheese (optional) 1.5 cup cooked rice

detox water

4 Best Detox Water Recipes for Summer

skinnywonder1. Skinny Wonder Detox Water

by Budget Savy Diva

Green Apple Sliced

Cucumber Sliced

Fresh Filtered Water

Fresh Mint

Fresh sliced Lemon

detox water


By Backtoherroots.com

Strawberries sliced

Cucumber sliced

Limes sliced

Chopped mint

jillian michaels detox water

3. Jillian Michaels Detox Water

1 litre distilled water

1 Tbsp cranberry juice (only cranberry juice not the juice cocktail!)

1 organic dandelion root teabag

2 Tbsp lemon juice

detox water recipe 4. Flat Belly Watermelon Detox Water

by Budget Savy Diva

Half of a medium sized FROZEN watermelon chopped

1 litre water

Chopped mint to taste